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You are not a legit foodie if you haven’t yet known some facts about the most commonly liked guilty delight. Pizza is one of the most popular guilty delights enjoyed by people from all corners of the world. As long as pizza remains people’s favorite guilty food, the choice of pizza toppings would be the most popular subject to banter and argue at the Palm Desert restaurants.

The reason why pizza is almost everyone’s favorite is that it is completely customizable. Based on their tastes, people can choose the base, sauce, cheese, toppings, spices, and whatnot.

Talking about toppings, a few toppings can stir a lot of controversies and emotions. Without much ado, let’s dive right in to discover the most liked pizza toppings of 2022 that you can find at some of the best Palm Desert restaurants:

1. Pepperoni:
As per a survey, pepperoni is a star among Americans’ most liked pizza toppings. Curled up at the edges or served flat on a pizza base along with other toppings, the strong flavor brings more admirers than any other toppings.

2. Cheese:
When creating a delicious pizza that multiplies the pleasure and taste, cheese is a choice that no one denies unless they are cutting down the calories. But what’s pleasure without some calories and guilt?

3. Sausage:
After pepperoni, sausage is the second meat-based topping that exists to amaze people in different ways. Based on their taste and availability at Palm Desert restaurants, people can choose the sausage and alter their pizza flavor significantly.

4. Olives:
Just like Pineapples, these toppings are a part of controversies. Their salty kick gives the entire pizza a remarkably unique zest.

5. Mushrooms:
That natural essence of mushrooms that connects people to the earth might give pizza a whole different feel. Along with other toppings, the mushrooms taste divine and become one of the most favored toppings.

6. Peppers:
Peppers are those versatile vegetables that make the pizza look and taste wonderful at the same time. Those different colors, giving pizzas a natural spice, are on most people’s wish list of toppings.

7. Bacon:
Bacon makes every dish, including pizza, taste great. The aroma that it lends to the pizza whether it is spread fresh, crumbled or pancetta, makes pizzas taste and smell delicious.

8. Chicken:
Chicken is counted among the most-preferred meaty pleasures and why won’t it be. It makes pizza insanely great and different. When ordering pizzas for guests from the best Palm Desert restaurants, choosing chicken as toppings is always a safe bet.

9. Onions:
These amazing vegetables come in different varieties and can be made even more amazing by sautéing in different oils and spices. Diced, sliced, cooked, or raw, they are always a great option to consider.

10. Spinach:
Another vegetarian delight is spinach. The leafy taste meddled with natural spices on pizzas and cheese makes it a perfect pick for pizza toppings.

These were some amazing pizza toppings that people have loved in 2022 and before, and you can find them at the best Palm Desert restaurants. Undoubtedly, the best topping for you still depends on your preferences.

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