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If you are a curious foodie who loves knowing everything behind what’s on their plate – its recipe, specialty, its history and anything else that might fascinate you; this blog is for you. We have put together some of the facts about the pizza that you might not know for pizza in Rancho Mirage.

With that, here are 4 incredible facts that many foodies claim they didn’t know about.

1. Italians didn’t invent the first pizza:

Although, they used the “term” pizza for the first time, Italians were not the first to invent it. Italians invented what we see as modern pizza, but Greeks and Egyptians were the first to cook a flatbread that was topped with spices and olive oil. The modern pizza evolved when someone added tomato as toppings in Naples, Italy.

2. The most expensive pizza in the world is valued around $12,000:

If you think you’ve discovered the world’s most expensive pizza, we regret to inform you that if it didn’t cost around $12,000, you have not. That extraordinary pizza has perfectly aged dough that the chef prepares before bringing it to your house and then creating the masterpiece in your own kitchen. The exclusive ingredients include bufala mozzarella cheese, coated around lobster from Norway, three types of caviar, Cilento, and other toppings. It is then sprinkled with Australian sea-salt that comes from the Murray River.

3. Pepperoni is the most famous topping:

If you have tried pizza in Rancho Mirage, you’ve certainly added pepperonis as a topping. According to a HarrisPoll executed in 2016, the most popular of the pizza topping is pepperoni followed by sausage, onion, and mushrooms.

4. Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill is one of the oldest operating pizzerias:

It was started in 1976 and we’ve have excelled in being a local favorite pizzeria from day one. We are also known for many Italian, American and local dishes. The oldest pizzeria is Papa’s Tomato Pies, which was started in 1912 and is still operated by the Papa family. Much like Papa’s Tomato Pies, Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill is also family owned and operated.


These are some of the unknown facts that you might not know. For more unknown facts, stay tuned for the next part of this blog.

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