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It’s not just about La Quinta Restaurants or food deliveries from Palm Desert, the whole world and all businesses in it felt a jolt during the COVID19 outbreak. Due to challenging situations, a lot have changed and so did the customer behavior.

The top 4 food delivery applications serving the United States saw a rise in revenues of around $3 billion in 2nd and 3rd quarters collectively during the months restrictions were set out by the authorities.

Let us now discuss the 4 trends around food delivery that shook the restaurants and the whole F&B sector.

1. More people preferred food delivery from restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.

According to Medallia Zingle survey, 54% of respondents altered their shopping habits. Since the shutdown came into effect, they preferred deliveries and takeaways over store visits. Similar effect was seen on restaurant customers. A study conducted on consumer sentiments towards delivery pricing revealed that people were more interested in ordering from restaurants directly than ordering via third party apps.

2. Orders got bigger during the shutdown.

La Quinta Restaurants had the biggest orders during the lockdown. As per Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub that are one of the biggest food delivery providers, order sizes were hugest in May. Since it was a long period of shutdown, it may have a lasting impact on customer’s food ordering habits.

3. There were people who solely depended on curbside pickups and home deliveries.

25% of people surveyed during Medallia Zingle survey said that they only counted on deliveries and takeaways except for the circumstances when they were not available.

4. More Generation G respondents preferred takeaways or delivery over Millennial.

36% generation Z respondents and 31% millennials opted for takeaways or deliveries over store visits.

These were some of the trends that might certainly have impacted Pizza Delivery Palm Desert or food deliveries in general. The study by Medallia Zingle also found that these practices followed by people during shutdowns may become habits.

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