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Have you ever been nervous about what is the exact position where you should put your napkins in lap? Or how to excuse yourself when you want to use the restroom?

If you have had these questions even once in your life, this blog is for you. In this blog, we would enlighten you about 6 fine dining etiquette’s that you have been assuredly breaking for your whole life. These tips can help you present yourself the best at dinner or lunch dates, business meetings at La Quinta Restaurants or even when you are hosting someone special in your own home.

1. The right place of your menu is on the table:

When you want to check out options in the menu, make sure that the menu doesn’t get off the table. It should be in one place, touching the table. Even if you want to read something closely, make sure that the bottom or at least one part of it is in contact with the table.

2. Clinking isn’t a habit made for formal dining:

Lesser the noise you make, more formal is the dining. So, clinking can disturb that silence. Also, you might not realize but good quality glassware gets damaged when you clink them for cheers. The best La Quinta Restaurants usually utilize high-quality glassware. Therefore, it is always better to drop this habit.

3. Once you sip from one side of glass, make sure it is consistent for the rest of evening:

That lip ring doesn’t look good and to avoid it on all over your glass, you should make sure that you sip from only one place for the entire evening. The lip ring may form due to Chapstick, lipstick or natural oils. Also, put your glass on one place and you have to keep it on the same place for the rest of evening.

4. If you don’t see oyster fork, don’t ask for one:

When you don’t find it on table, understand that oyster is already loosened and you won’t need it. Once you are done with the oyster, turning the shell over on the plate would signal that you’re done.

5. The rims of your plates should be as clean as possible:

Do this out of respect for the servicing staff of La Quinta Restaurants that would have to grab the plate with the edge or would have to clear the plates.


These are some of the etiquette’s that you must know about before visiting the best restaurants at La Quinta. For more etiquette’s, keep yourself updated with the next blogs.

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