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A healthy spirit can reside only in a healthy human body, this is a universally acknowledged statement. Beer is healthy indeed, but this advice is not for people who are purely teetotallers, females who are pregnant and people who are under some medication. So, let’s elaborate on this amusing fact more so that alcohol-addicted people must not make it an excuse to overdrink. If you do not get smashed into things and avoid hangovers, we can tell you the perks of moderate drinking. Here, we are going to tell you 7 key health benefits of drinking:

1. Live longer and relish the moments: Beer is nutritious if you know the limits, it has antioxidants. It also has vitamin B, iron, calcium, fibre and phosphates if compared to other alcoholic drinks. Occasional drinking keeps you in high spirits and keeps your anger at bay. In addition, when you socialize and meet like-minded people in the best restaurants in La Quinta, then you can cheer your mood and spirit up by drinking beer. This will make you live longer and happier.

2. The doctor recommends drinking beer to fight kidney stones: Drinking moderate amounts of beer can help overcome the risk of kidney stones.

3. Go Natural with Beer: This may sound poetic but you can indeed feel proximity to nature when you drink it. It is natural like fruit juice. It does not require chemicals for preservation, because hops and alcohol preserve it naturally. La Quinta restaurants serve you the best natural and fruit beer with the best food fusions.

4. It does not have many calories: If you are health conscious then there is great news for you that you will not have to consume more calories while drinking. It has low carbs and calories. However, never cross the limit as it can be more harmful than milk. It also reduces LDL levels in the body, which means bad cholesterol.

5. It can fight Cancer: There is a flavonoid which is there in the hop that is named xanthohumol that kills cancer enzymes. According to Dr Cristbol Miranda from Oregon State University, German beer is rich in xanthohumol. Even though, over-drinking has various health hazards too. The best restaurants in La Quinta have bartenders and waiters who know how much is enough for you.

6. Rich in OSA and Many more Benefits: Beer has OSA (Orth silicic Acid), which is good for bones. The bones get strengthened if the right amount of beer is consumed. Moderate beer drinking can prevent heart attacks too.

Are you a bear lover? Were you aware of these benefits? La Quinta restaurants offer you good quality beer, so come and have it here.

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