Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility 6 Ways to Eat Pasta Guilt-Free at La Quinta Restaurants

Yes, you read it right. You can have your favorite pasta dish at your favorite La Quinta Restaurants and still not feel guilty about how it is going to affect your belly goals.

If you are a person with the perception that pasta is a fat-forming & multiplying food, you need to know some facts that might help you figure out that you are just eating it the wrong way. As per a study by National Pasta Association, Americans consume an average of 9 ounces of pasta daily. The average portion consumed a day is greater than 5 times the recommended size.

Let’s now jump on the 6 useful tips that can help you eat pasta guilt-free at the best restaurants in La Quinta and Rancho Mirage.

1. Side the main pasta part with salads

If you are planning to have pasta as your main course, make sure to have salads as your side dish. The veggies intake would help you ward off the hunger earlier and also reduce the blood sugar levels.

2. Lower your overall carbs-intake

The pasta dishes you are planning to have at Restaurants in Rancho Mirage might not spike blood sugar levels but it would still hamper your belly-slimming efforts as it is rich in carbs. So, to balance the carb intake, you may have to reduce carbs consumption in drinks or salads (or side dishes) taken along.

3. Switch to more fibrous and protein-filled noodles

The pasta made from refined white stuff lacks protein and fiber that are the key agents aiding & fueling weight loss. You can go for bean-based, whole-grain, or another healthy kind of pasta. They would help lower blood pressure and make you feel filled earlier.

4. Prefer veggie-rich pasta over any other.

A usually cited study reveals that people who consume dishes incorporating more veggies eat around 350 calories lesser than those who prefer veggies as a side dish. Moreover, more veggies in a pasta dish or on a pizza in Rancho Mirage would make the food item bulkier. So, always go heavier over the veggies.

5. Swap your meat

That meaty sauce, spaghetti carbonara, bacon-based dishes, etc. may be yummy but they become a roadblock in your fight against the bulges and curves. So, prefer more veggies over meats.

6. Pay attention to the sauces and dips

If you are paying heed to everything else on your plate, also consider the sauce or dip that is being used. That ext0ra calories, salt, sugar, preservatives, etc. are not something you would usually want on your plate. So, limit the sauce or dip intake along with all other things you are reducing in your diet.


Summing up, these were six useful tips that can help you enjoy your favorite meals at your favorite La Quinta Restaurants. For more useful tips, wait for our next blogs.

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