Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility 7 Facts Pasta Lovers Must Certainly Know: Restaurants in Rancho Mirage

1. Spaghetti is plural, spaghetti is plural.

Italian words that end with letter “o” are singular and those with “I” are plural.

2. Al dente pasta is not just yummier but it is also more filling.

Al dente pasta takes longer to digest than the overcooked pasta. This is why; it keeps you full for longer. So, next time you want to eat something at Palm Desert Restaurants that keeps you full for a long travel, prefer Al dente pasta.

3. There are around 350 shapes of pasta discovered so far.

Now 4X the number of shapes and you get the number of names of pasta. If you thought spaghetti, farfalle, and fettuccini were some of the major ones, this must be a bubble buster.

4. Before machinery existed, pasta dough was kneaded by foot.

The pasta dough is hard and it took a full day walking of a single batch of people to knead the flour. This might be a mood killer but thanks to human that restaurants got a good machinery to do the kneading in the most hygienic way possible.

5. Americans and Italians eat unimaginable amounts of pasta every year.

Italians eat 60 pounds whereas Americans eat 26 pounds on an average. That may seem like a huge number. You might remember this when next time you order pasta at Restaurants in Rancho Mirage.

6. A documentary made people believe that spaghetti grows on trees.

It was on April 1, 1957 when a documentary was aired that fooled people into believing this. It showed farmers picking harvested spaghetti from the bushes. Some people even wondered if they could buy their own spaghetti bush.

7. January 4 is national spaghetti day.

And October 25 is world pasta day.


There are many more facts that would drive you crazy but you must know them if you are a real pasta lover. Also, if you wish to have the best pasta dishes, Stuft pizza bar and grill is one of the best Palm Desert Restaurants that you must give a shot. Thank us later for the best Italian restaurant recommendation.

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