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We have already done our last blog on 5 fine-dining etiquettes to know before visiting fancy restaurants. This blog is the second part to help you with more things that you must take care of, while you are eating at the best Palm Desert Restaurants or just hosting people at your home.

1. Discards should be placed on upper left part of plate.

If you had an unpleasant experience with some food item, the discard would go on upper left part of plate. Even if it is a fish bone or anything that needs to be discarded, it should not be placed anywhere else on the plate. If you think bottom right can be another place for discards, you are wrong as it is the place for butter and sauces.

2. Before placing the napkin in your lap, make sure that it is folded with crease towards you.

Fold the napkins in half with its crease facing towards you. Also, dab the stains and don’t wipe them. The logic of why the crease should face you is that when you use your napkin, the stains would stay on the inner surface. This way, you won’t look messy even if you have dabbed your stains multiple times while you are eating at the best Palm Desert Restaurants.

3. Your bread should be on your plate all the times.

This rule is valid for all bread-like products, bagels, biscuits, muffins, etc. You need to butter the bread while it is touching the plate. Also, remember to not butter the whole bread slice at once. The right process involves breaking off the piece you want to eat, buttering that piece and delivering the buttered bread to your mouth. So, the bread should only be lifted when it is to be delivered to mouth.

4. Bon-Appetit isn’t a phrase used for formal dinners.

It indicates that you are so hungry that you would have anything that crosses your mouth. It is actually an invitation to good digestion but isn’t considered best as per American or French dining etiquettes. You can rather say “please enjoy” which sounds more appropriate and formal.

5. Using the “Restroom” word is forbidden while you are eating at good restaurants.

It’s not a hard and fast rule for dining at Palm Desert restaurants but it may make people at restaurants uncomfortable. So, you can excuse yourself, but you need not give the reason when you have to use the restroom.

6. Leave just one bite on your plate when you are done.

This would indicate that you enjoyed the meal, but the food was enough to satisfy your appetite. When you clean the whole plate, it may suggest that food was not enough for you, or you are still hungry.


So, above-mentioned are some of the simple etiquettes that make you look professional and well-mannered. For more information or tips, stay updated with our blogs.

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