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5 Reasons to Order Catering for Your Next Meeting

Managers at business lunchWhen planning events for your company, one of the most important things to consider is, of course, food. Catering is always a great idea for in-house meetings, staff appreciation events, staff training days, holiday parties, and more. If you are unsure about whether or not food is a good idea for your next meeting, keep reading. The answer is simple: food is always a good idea!

Here are 5 reasons why you should order catering for your next company meeting.

    1. Food has the power to bring people together.

Whether you are at a book club meeting, family reunion, or a fundraiser, chances are there will be food available at the meeting or celebration. While the catering options may range from small appetizers to a four-course meal, one thing is for sure: food unites people.

There is absolutely a reason why so many first dates take place in restaurants or coffee shops. Food gives people something to connect over. You both like pizza? (And who doesn’t? Let’s be honest.) Great! You’re already finding things in common. One of you doesn’t like seafood? Even better. That creates room for discussion or a friendly debate, leading to bonding.

    1. Catering in-house is a great alternative to taking a client out to lunch.

Many companies take valuable clients or prospective business partners out to lunch to discuss future plans, goals, and their work together. They do this because, as stated above, food brings people together. However, a restaurant during a busy lunch rush isn’t always the most practical place for a meeting.

There is a way to avoid the fuss of having to tune out excess noise and potentially having to wait a while for your food to arrive: in-house catering. You can provide high-quality, great tasting food for your clients in the peaceful, quiet atmosphere of your own office. The catering can be set up and ready for as soon as your hungry clients arrive.

    1. Offering catering at a meeting can improve employee morale.

Your employees appreciate being appreciated. Showing that you care enough to feed your employees can do wonders for improving employee morale. Even if someone doesn’t eat the food, they’ll be able to appreciate the offer.

    1. Offering catering can improve the attendance at your meetings.

Very few things can improve attendance for any meeting or gathering as well as the notion of free food. Be sure to tell your employees not to bring food that day so they can take advantage of the offer!

  1. Food can increase the productivity, both in the meeting and in the workplace.

Food actually fuels your brain, provides energy, and improves moods. All of these together promote creativity, productivity, and attentiveness. And all three of those are essential to a great meeting.

The next time you are planning a meeting for your company, consider your options for catering. You can’t go wrong with delicious, high-quality Italian food. At Stuft Pizza, we offer our full menu and more so you can customize your catering however you’d like. Learn more about our catering services below.

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