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7 Tips for Hosting a Great Dinner Party

group of friends enjoying lunch togetherAre you hosting a dinner party? Special event? Or corporate dinner? Here are 7 tips to help you create a fun, exciting and overall great party.

1. Set the mood

Depending on your event, it is important to set the right mood. If it is a corporate event where you are trying to impress a client, be sure to set a more serious and welcoming tone. If you are hosting a dinner party for your closest friends, set a casual tone by adding your favorite décor, playing shared music interests, and even using more casual dinnerware.

2. Start off strong

Everyone comes to your event hungry. Don’t let guests flood into your kitchen for tastes and especially don’t let them starve until dinnertime. Start off your event strong with delicious appetizers. Choose fan favorites like spicy buffalo wings, chips and guacamole, pulled-pork sliders, ceviche and more! Let your gets graze over a spread of delicious appetizers while socializing and settling into the evening.

3. Create the perfect playlist

Music can make or break an event. Smooth jazz will not be a great choice for a reunion or celebration, while upbeat pop will never work for a corporate event. Choose your music according to your guests! The evening will have a better flow when it is matched to the right music.

4. Serve a delicious and filling dinner

Don’t disappoint your guests with a bland or boring dinner. If you are not a strong cook, get your event catered! Many local restaurants offer catering options for parties of all sizes. The small cost of the meal will be worth the delighted faces and stomachs of your guests. At our restaurant, we offer catering options for all of our delicious menu items. From sandwiches to pizzas to salads, we have a wide selection of savory and sweet plates to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

5. Have options for dessert

Not everyone has the same taste in dessert. Offer your guests a few options to ensure that everyone ends their meal with a delicious treat that they love. By offering options, this will take away the stress of trying to find the “perfect” dessert. Your guests will appreciate your consideration of your needs when there are options to choose from.

6. Don’t forget to enjoy your party

The sole reason you are hosting a dinner party is to be with the ones you love. Don’t rush them out the door after dinner has been enjoyed. End your night with a flourish. Relax with your guests with a cup of coffee or sit back and enjoy conversation on the couch. Be with your family or friends as you intended your night to be.

7. Guests come first

This is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable dinner party. Don’t rush your guests between each course. If your guests are enjoying each other’s company, don’t interrupt it. Let the night flow as it may. Serve dinner when guests are ready. Your guests will see you as an entertaining pro with your ease and stress free nature.

When dinner is over, don’t rush to get dishes done! Sit back and relax with your guests and enjoy the success of your night. Your dishes will be there in the morning.


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