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What’s on Tap in Palm Desert – Flor de Jamaica


This is a great beer for intensely hot days as the summer closes out. The Flor de Jamaica ale is a fantastic combination of hops and refreshing floral and strawberry tones. Looking for an escape? This beer is infused with dried Hibiscus flowers, so you can truly taste the island life.


  • 2-row pale malt
  • White wheat and carapils for full body and head
  • Columbus hops supplies bitterness
  • Cascade and Summit hops creates full flavor
  • Cascade, Willamette and Tettnanger hops for a clean finish

It’s not just the taste that makes Flor de Jamaica a great experience. This beer has a pink head and a true red underneath. It has a shockingly berry shade, resembling a cocktail but packing the beautifully thirst-quenching deliciousness of hops!

Mad River Brewing Co. comes from humble beginnings as all great craft brewing companies do. It began with one man’s dream as a small brewery in Humboldt County in the far north coast of California, bordering the Mad River. The company is well known for their Steelhead fine ales and originally created the Jamaican brand for the Reggae on the River festival held each summer in Garberville, CA.

Want to see the shocking red of Flor de Jamaica for yourself? Come experience this unique ale at our Westfield Palm Desert location while supplies last.

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