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What’s on Tap in La Quinta – Monumentous IPA

Monumentous-IPAHow It Tastes
Our latest IPA from Coachella Valley Brewing Co. will be sure to impress your taste buds. If you are looking for a bright, hoppy beer with a lingering bitterness, Monumentous is a great choice. Inspired by the Joshua Tree National Monument, this ale is suitably delicate yet significant.

What is an IPA?
IPA stands for India Pale Ale. There are quite a few types of IPAs, but Monumentous is an American IPA. The American IPA is a little more flavorful than the usual English IPA, and typically has big citrus and herbal characteristics. IPAs tend to have high bitterness with a medium body.

How It Looks
This beer provides a hazy golden-orange color with a medium white head. The color is the perfect appearance for this citrus-infused IPA that is bold yet smooth.

What to Pair It With
American IPAs are great for dining because they go great with both savory meat entrees and sweet desserts. Try a Monumentous IPA with our Prime N.Y. Steak, JZ’s Prime Steak Bites or BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich!

Coachella Valley Brewing Co. is locally owned and operated with an emphasis on farm-to-table brewing. They only use ingredients from local farms which helps to add wonderfully unique flavors to their beer. These guys are passionate about sustainability and great quality and we are proud to have their beer on tap!

Relax after a long workday and come taste the Monumentous IPA at Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill!

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