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Why You Should Drink More Craft Beer

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When you walk into a liquor store or pick up a drink menu in a restaurant/bar, you’re often faced with so many options for alcoholic beverages: liquors, beers, and wines. You’ve probably wondered which of the three is the best choice, for taste, health, and quality reasons, and you’re not alone. For years, we’ve all been debating which types of alcoholic beverages are best and asking questions like:

  • Red wine or white wine?
  • Clear liquor or dark liquor?
  • Craft beer or macro (large-scale produced) beer?

While all of these questions are worth discussing, we’re just going to focus on the last one: craft beer or macro beer? Craft beer, in general, tastes better, uses more quality ingredients, offers more health benefits, and is much more versatile than macro beer. Continue reading to learn about these many great benefits of craft beer.

Craft beer tastes better.

Craft brewers tend to use higher quality ingredients than big beer companies. They also tend to take more risks with different ingredients and tastes to create one-of-a-kind flavors. When beers are not being mass-produced, more effort can be put into making them taste great.

Craft beer is better for your overall health.

Keep in mind, this only refers to moderate consumption of craft beer. A glass or two of craft beer can offer many great health benefits. Studies have shown that craft beer is a good source of dietary silicon, which has been proven to increase bone mineral density. This can lessen one’s chances of developing osteoporosis or another bone-related condition. Craft beer tends to have more barley and hops than macro beer, adding to the health benefits. Barley and hops contain polyphenols, an important type of antioxidants, which can reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. Dark beers or IPAs, which contain more of these ingredients, may even be better for your heart than red wine.

You have so many more choices with craft beer.

According to the Brewers Association, there are currently more than 3,000 craft breweries in the United States. These breweries produce anywhere from a couple of brews to 20-30 different types each year. Do you prefer light beer, dark beer, bitter beer, or sweet beer? You’re bound to find plenty of options to suit your palate. Not sure yet if you prefer IPAs, amber ales, or stouts? Check out a craft beer festival to try samples of a wide variety of craft beers. Breweries often release limited edition beers or seasonal brews for even more variety.

Craft beer pairs better with different foods.

Just as different wines pair better with different foods, the same goes for craft beers. You can find beers to pair well with anything from a salad, to a pizza, to a hearty plate of baby back ribs. The various notes and flavors within your craft beer can enhance the flavors of your food, and vice versa. Your drink should complement your food, rather than just accompanying it.

Next time you’re in the mood for a drink, stop by Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill for a delicious craft beer. We have rotating taps of great brews, in addition to our assortment of more permanent selections. Click below to take a look at our bar menu and come join us for Happy Hour any day of the week for an even better deal on that pint or mug!


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