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4 Foods You Can Find at Every Great Bar and Grill

Which Foods are the Cream of the Crop at the Classic Bar and Grill?

Bar and Grill Food Favorites in La Quinta Include Pepperoni Pizza - 8-19You might consider yourself to be a bar food connoisseur. Do you sample the chicken wings of every bar you attend, seeking out the best? Do you find yourself contemplating the mouth-feel of the mozzarella sticks that you ordered? Are you trying to invent a new way to change bar food forever that includes hot link sausages and bacon? Do you have a Google Alert that tracks the newest happy hours in town? Then you’ve probably contemplated which bar foods reign supreme in the fight to be the very best.

Bar food is the incredible sibling of alcohol that gives life profound meaning beyond what green beans ever could. That’s why for some people, it’s among the most important things in the world for them. While we can’t provide rankings that everyone is going to end up agreeing with, we can give you some rankings that some people might like. Want to know which bar foods are the absolute cream of the crop? Here is our definitive list, ranked.

1. Pizza

You can’t be surprised by this one. We’ve built the foundation of our restaurant on beautiful, delectable, cheesy pizza that is loved all over the world. We love it so much we named our grill after it. Not only is pizza one of the most universally loved bar foods, it comes in so many different varieties that literally everyone has a favorite type of pizza that they’re obsessed with. America loves pizza, plain and simple.

2. Hot Wings

Have you ever been to a party with the game on that didn’t have hot wings? Didn’t it kind of make you want to turn around and walk out the door as soon as you found out? Chicken wings have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years to be one of the biggest contenders for best bar food. They’re available almost everywhere and come in several different varieties so that you can get one that matches your spice tolerance. Fatty fried chicken with tangy, buttery sauce? What’s not to love? Chicken wings are one of the best appetizers out there. No wonder they’re served alongside pizza so often. That’s just bar food royalty making a showing.

3. Classic Cheeseburger

Have you ever met a cheeseburger that you didn’t like? We sure haven’t. A half-pound of high-grade beef with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on a perfectly prepared bun makes our mouth start to water even at the thought of it. And how wonderful is it that the picture is completed with golden french fries? We love you cheeseburger. That’s all there is to say.

4. NY Steak Bites

Well hello, Mr. Sinatra. You’ve put on your suit and tie while “Fly Me to the Moon” plays in the background and you’re ready to bite into a plate of bar-food classiness that’s going to make your pocket square twirl. The upscale version of bar food, NY Steak Bites are loved by all that enjoy bar food with a “pinkies up” mentality, keeping their stomachs full and their hearts fuller.

Take it From Us, the Bar and Grill Experts

Your beer is going to look awful lonely without some freshly fried accompaniment. That means you need to get well acquainted with the best before your stomach starts growling. For our money hot wings, a classic cheeseburger, NY steak bites, and of course pizza, are the very best  bar food bites that you can get. Try them all on your next outing (maybe not all at once).


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