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5 Best Cocktails to Pair With Your Pizza

Your Pizza Is Missing Its Drink

Best Cocktails to Pair with Your Pizza in Palm Desert

You’re trying to go into a classic Palm Desert pizza night with a gameplan. Sure, people talk all the time about pairing pizza with beer, but what if you’re more of a cocktail person? Pizza night can be taken up quite a few notches with the right cocktail-pizza pairings. For the perfect pairing to round out your meal, try these five cocktails that are a match made in heaven for your favorite pizzas.

1. Blood Orange Old Fashioned With Your Pepperoni

A Blood Orange Old Fashioned is a play on the classic Old Fashioned. This timeless drink pairs bourbon whiskey, orange bitters, sugar, and maraschino cherries to bring out the best in the bourbon. With a little bit of blood orange liqueur, this pairing can really start to thrive. The spice from the blood orange will enhance the spice in the meat, and the boldness of the bourbon behind it will be able to stand up to the intense flavor of the pepperoni. This one is for people that like flavors that hit them over the head. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

2. The Hot Screw With Your Jalapeno Pizza

A hot screw is an intense, spicy drink that mixes Stoli Hot Jalapeno Vodka with fresh OJ. While we are pairing spicy with spicy here, you do get a little bit of reprieve from the heat with the fresh OJ, which does a great job of adding in a little bit of fruity refreshment to your fiery meal. Try this pairing if you can’t get enough of that spicy tang from jalapeno pizza.

3. Coconut Mango Mai Tai With the Hawaiian

If you’re a fan of pineapple and canadian bacon on your pizza, then this is the pairing for you. This delicious drink mixes coconut rum, mango vodka, orange and pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine, making it the perfect beachside drink. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you pair it with everyone’s favorite beach-friendly pizza? A Coconut Mango Mai Tai is the perfect match to take the Hawaiian pizza to the next level.

4. Stuft Red Sangria With a Margherita Pizza

There’s nothing that pairs with a traditional margherita pizza like a bold red wine. Of course, that’s what you thought before you tried Stuft Red Sangria. Stuft Red Sangria mixes red wine with triple sec and fresh fruit, chilled to perfection on ice. You get all of the flavor you want from the red wine pairing, except it’s chilled and more well-rounded for a more refreshing eating experience. The explosion of fruit in the sangria is sure to round out a classic Italian margherita pizza.

Make Pizza Night a Party

Everyone knows that pizza is great on its own, but to take it to the next level, you’re going to want a pizza party. Make pizza night one for the record books by turning a normal meal into a classically casual cocktail party, or a rowdy friend-fest. The perfect cocktails can make your pizza party come to life.


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