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5 Ideas for Bar Night to Keep Weeknights Lively

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When you own a bar, a bar and grill, or a restaurant in La Quinta or other resort cities, there are always going to be slow nights. While it’s unavoidable for most, there are some fun ways that you can mix things up to keep the party going every night of the week. While a lot of these ideas work best in a bar or a bar and grill, there are many restaurants that host fun weeknight events, throwing in promotions or meal deals to get everyone out and having fun.

La Quinta Bar Night Ideas to Spice Up the Week

Pizza places and bar & grills are notorious for having great TVs and hosting sports events, no matter the season and no matter the sport. While this is a great option for sports fans, you can broaden your appeal by offering other themed nights, and once people start joining in the weeknight fun, they just might make it a weekly outing.

Trivia Night

Trivia night will bring everyone from the long-time jeopardy fans looking for a challenge, to the college kids looking for some friendly competition amongst their peers over pizza and a pitcher of beer. There are a few options for hosting a trivia night: you can hire out the responsibility, bringing someone in with trivia questions and an entire show completely prepped and organized. Otherwise, you can join in the fun and come up with trivia yourself. Either way, it might take a few weeks of trial and error to find the sweet spot of trivia difficulty: you want your audience to be challenged, but you never want trivia so hard that not a single person gets any of the questions right.

Board Game Night

Similar to trivia night, board game night will bring in everyone who loves games, and that might even include the sports fans. Traditionally, this will be a more niche group, but it’s still great to broaden your clientele and get people to have fun and do something different for bar night. Board game nights are typically more hands-off than other themed nights. For the most part, once you advertise your game night, people will bring their own games and their friends, and you’ll simply have to serve them whatever they order and leave them to their focused competition.

Open Mic Night

A more classic themed night is the open mic night. You’ll get an eclectic mix of people signing up to get their story heard: comedians, singers, guitarists, storytellers. Open mic night can occasionally have a similar effect to a live music night. If people are walking by the bar or restaurant and hear live music or comedy, they might wander in to check it out. However, it’s much riskier than live music, because you never know what you’re going to get. You can temper this by hosting mini-auditions, but most open mic nights are known for their openness; anyone can join.

Dance Classes

Dance classes, such as salsa, tango, swing, etc., are another great way to get people coming back every week or every month, however often you decide to host the classes. Of course, with dancing, you must have enough space in your bar or restaurant, so this option won’t work for everyone. A great method is to offer a very affordable lesson earlier in the night and then open it up to practice dancing or an open dance floor, if you have one. Hire an instructor that you trust and you’ll be sure to get return visitors.

Paint Night

A more recently popular themed night are paint nights. Bars have been hosting these more and more often because of the wine & paint combo that rose to popularity. Hire a reputable paint night company and the creativity and drinks will flow.

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