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5 Whiskey Drinks to Keep You Warm This Winter

5 Whiskey Bar Drinks to Keep You Warm This Winter

Whiskey Being Poured into a Glass at the Local BarThis winter, the Coachella Valley has seen some pretty frigid weather. Thankfully, our fast and friendly bartenders are here to help you defrost with a pint of your favorite poison.

Rather than ordering your go-to beverage from the bar, why not switch it up? There’s nothing better than a belly full of premium whiskey to keep you warm in the final months of winter.

Although you can never go wrong with any number of our hard to find whiskey neat or on the rocks, here’s five not-so-common whiskey drinks to spruce up your winter and keep you warm.

1. Old Fashioned

Despite the name, there are many drinkers that have never been poured a glass of this infamous cocktail. If you ask any whiskey lover, this drink will most likely be the first on their list. This drink combines the muskiness of whiskey with the freshness of an orange peel and topped with a perfect morsel of sugar to balance out the two distinct flavors.

For those of us that like a little more of the musk over juice, we gently stir this classic beverage in a chilled cocktail glass over a fresh cube of ice. If you’d like a little more juice for your beverage, we’ll shake it up, strain it, and severe it to you on a silver platter so you can enjoy your new favorite cocktail without losing any of its flavor.

Our bartenders love to top off this classic winter-warmer with a candied cherry to give it that sweetness it needs to ease non-whiskey drinkers to the dark-liquored side.

2. Sazerac

This drink is made exclusively for elite whiskey drinkers. Made with a high-end whiskey, typically cognac, this bar drink will warm your bones faster than you can say El Nino.

Starting with a barspoon-full of absinthe, your bartender will coat the inside of your glass with a quick swish. Rye, bitters, ice, and a sugar cubed is thrown into the chilled, absinthe-rinsed to soften the harshness of this powerful beverage.

A twist and squeeze of lemon is plopped in after the cognac has entered the equation, and served to you with much respect.

3. Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is the perfect whiskey-starter cocktail. Although this minty drink is crisp and refreshing, the refined flavor of bourbon whiskey will send a surge of warmth through your bones.

With a simple mixture of ice, minted simple syrup, bourbon and a fresh sprig, your insides will radiate the golden yellow color of this delicious whiskey drink.

4. Whiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour isn’t fancy, but it sure is loyal. This simple whiskey drink won’t disappoint—it’ll keep you warm all year long. A shot of your favorite whiskey mixed with fresh lemon juice and a hint of sugar is all it takes to create this tried and true cocktail. Plop in a fresh lemon wedge to make your mouth pucker and crave every sip.

5. Hot Toddy

Want to spice up your normal morning tea? You’ll warm up from the outside, in, with just one soothing sip of a Hot Toddy. Rather than making tea with tea leaves, this drink transforms your favorite choice of whiskey, squeeze of a lemon, a dash of honey, and a cinnamon stick into a sinful tea that will knock the cold right out of you.

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