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Large Pizza On Table For FamilyDon’t Settle for Delivery and Cola

Listen, you deserve better than a bonus dipping sauce for the dry, dry crust of a pizza you didn’t want in the first place. Heading out to your local pizzeria is a reward in and of itself. You’ve got the ambiance, you’ve got a beautiful selection of beer, wine, and liquor, and you can grab a great dessert after. Staying home and waiting for the delivery guy is something you do when you haven’t earned the right to dine with the big boys, so don’t go backwards! Head out to a pizza place that gets you.

Meat Lover’s and an IPA for Dinner, Chocolate Cake Dessert

Meat lover’s pizza is the most divinely beautiful creation in the history of mankind. You pile on the carne, add all the cheese in the world, pop it in the oven, and suddenly, you’re in heaven. If you’re chowing down on three pounds of meat and cheese, you’ve gotta have something cold and hoppy to wash it down. Ask your server what great IPA they’ve got to offer you, and just let that great selection wash over you. Now that the meat and cheese has been put away, and you’ve loosened your pants. You want more. What should you have. Get that piece of chocolate cake. Get it. It’s an amazing end to a dinner that only lame-os wouldn’t love.

Proscuitto and Prosecco for Dinner, Macarons for Dessert

You can enjoy the beautiful joy that is pizza without having to pile on the meat. For the refined palate, look no further than the rich charcuterie meat prosciutto to make your evening a lovely one.  As the tartness of the proscuitto meets the creaminess of the mozzarella, melted to perfection, you’ll love the slight sweetness of the tomato sauce to balance the two flavors. Enjoying the blend of flavors, though, doesn’t end at the pizza – adding a glass of prosecco will make the pizza dance even more. When someone says, ‘bubbly and pizza,’ most think of beer, but prosecco makes your evening a classy gathering. For a delicate end to an enchanting meal, try having salted caramel macarons.

Hawaiian and a Screwdriver for Dinner, Cupcakes for Dessert

Can’t agree on a pizza? Reach for the Hawaiian. Enough cheese for hearty appetites, but enough bacon for those that prefer lighter meats, Hawaiian even throws pineapple into the mix to makes for an excellent for two picky people. If you’ve got a hungry guy, just throw on a little more Canadian bacon, and you’ll be good to go. What drink speaks to everyone? A screwdriver. You’re getting your alcohol, but also plenty of electrolytes in the same sip. What’s for dessert? Cupcakes, of course! You can have as much of one flavor as you want, or as little. You’ll love the bite-sized cakes to top off a great pizza.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza and a Bud for Dinner, Apple Pie for Dessert

Nothing but nothing screams, ‘America,’ like barbecuing chicken breast until it’s tender and juicy, and baking it onto a pizza with more barbeque sauce. The flame-grilled chicken, tangy barbeque sauce, the mix of cheeses, and the cool onions will make you stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Order this puppy with a Budweiser beer, and you’ll be more American than your flag T-shirt-wearing neighbor. Not American enough? Apple pie with whipped cream after. Melt some cheddar. Now you’re a Founding Father, boss!

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