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How to Pair Craft Beer With Pizza

Cheese Pizza and Craft BeerIt seems that pizza and beer have always been paired pretty naturally. It’s the casual beverage with the easy dinner. The everyday kick-back drink with the classic comfort food. It’s all you need for a relaxed evening with friends or a movie night by yourself. So what happens when one part of this happy pizza-beer pairing suddenly loses its easygoing status? Because let’s face it. Beer isn’t what it used to be. Now, it’s not just beer and pizza. You have hundreds of beers to choose from at dinner, not just five. Well, happily, pizza and beer have evolved together, and there’s a perfect craft brew for every delicious pie.

Bar & Grill Pairings: Craft Beer and Pizza

When you go to any bar & grill, you expect to find a stellar selection of beers. Though you’ll have much more than pizza on the menu, pizza is a good starting point for tasting your favorite beers. Different pairings will bring out different flavors, in both the beer and the pizza, so you’ll want to get to exploring right away.

Step One: Select Your Favorite Local Palm Desert Brewery

The best part about craft beer is that it has encouraged the growth (and creation, in many cases) of local breweries. So naturally, the first thing you’ll have to do is choose one or two local brews that you would like to try. Palm Desert has quite a few, but check with your local bar & grill to find out which they serve.

Step Two: Learn How to Pair the Right Beer with the Right Pizza

This is where it gets tricky, because you want to pick the right pairing to get the most out of your flavor profile. Here’s a quick guide:

Keep Your Hops with The Meaty Pies

If you’re feeling like having a meat-heavy pizza, try it with a hoppier pale ale or IPA. The hops will bring out the spices in the meat and make for an allover hearty flavor experience.

Keep Acidic with Acidic

Pizzas that are heavier on tomato sauce or topped with tomatoes are best paired with a more acidic beer. A beer with light acidity matches the flavor of the tart tomatoes.

Bring A Simple Pizza To Complex Flavors

To take your flavor combos to the next level, try pairing a maltier beer with a simple (cheese or Margherita) pizza. A caramel maltiness will bring some sweetness to your palate while the yeast undertones will pull out the richest flavors of the crust.

If In Doubt, Pick Pilsner

Pilsners can be great with almost any pizza. They have the right balance of hoppiness and maltiness to wash down the simplest or the busiest gourmet pie.

Step Three: Repeat and Enjoy

Though it’s true that you can pair many different beers with one single pizza to get a broad flavor experience, sometimes it’s nice to pick a beer, pick a pizza, and carry them out to the end of the meal. That way, you can try a different pairing every time you come and create endless pairing experiences.

Whichever way you like to pair, we recommend you go into it prepared to experiment. It’s also a great idea to ask your waiter or waitress for recommendations, as they know better than anyone the exact makeup of the pizzas on the menu, and they probably know their local Palm Desert breweries pretty well too!


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