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What Kind of Pizza Do You Need?

Pizza is Part of YouPizza Made In The Shape Of A Heart

Your body has many different needs, and pizza can fulfill most of these needs. All you need is a little extra of this, or a little bit of that. Whether your goal is to get in a few extra vitamins, or to really pack in those vegetables, you’re going to love your life when you look at everything that pizza can do for you. A nice set of carbs for energy, salt to help you stay hydrated, and a variety of protein and vitamins, here is a beginner’s guide to help you get the most of your pizza-enjoying experience.

Cold and Flu Season

Okay, you don’t have the sniffles, and you definitely don’t want them. So, what are you going to do? You’re going to load up on the vitamins. Pineapple has some of the highest concentration of Vitamin C available, so that needs to go on your Preventative Pizza. Spinach is also a good source of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Iron. Together, the three are a Holy Trinity of ‘Stay Healthy’ and ‘Feel Better.’ Unfortunately, nutrients will be cooked out of spinach if it goes through the oven, so top it on your pizza after it’s out of the oven.

Back in the Gym

Protein is the name of the game, you won’t be hurting for protein options when you head down to your local pizzeria. Not only will you have all of the protein options that you can imagine, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s coming in a filing package, something that won’t burn off immediately, so that you will have enough energy to head back to the gym, or to your yoga class without feeling empty. Try ground beef, pepperoni, pulled pork, and shrimp for a wonderfully tasty meal that will make you super-happy.

Confused Vegetarian

Life without meat isn’t life…or is it? More people choose to reduce their meat consumption, or go meat-free every year, and with the number of vegan restaurants, and vegan options at meat-eater restaurants, it seems to be something that’s here to stay. While people whine about getting enough protein, a confused vegetarian doesn’t have to worry – between the cheese and shrimp (which doesn’t always count as ‘meat’ to everyone), you’re good to go. Toss some zucchini, peppers, onions, artichoke hearts, squash, carrots, and avocado, and you have a meal that will extend dinner time just long enough for you to figure out whether eggs are vegetarian.


So maybe you’re actually a vegetarian that eats actual vegetables, and you’re actually wanting actual vegetables on an actually vegetarian pizza. But you’re a seasoned vegetable addict, and you don’t do ANYTHING without a load of flavor. Well, don’t worry – your local pizzeria has your back. A flavor explosion starts with skipping the pizza sauce, and getting on a good layer of spicy Thai sauce with a little bit of olive oil and garlic. Goat cheese’ll kick it up another notch, and then pile on those artichoke hearts, tomatoes, broccoli, and that squash – the green’s go on after the love of your life comes out of the oven. Fresh vegetables with baked vegetables and a little bit of cheese? Delicious. Amazing. Vegetarian.

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