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Being new to town has a lot of perks as well as challenges. When it comes to experimenting with food in a new town, you can often be disappointed. It might take longer than expected to find the Popular Types of Pizzas You Get at Restaurants in Rancho Mirage that serve according to your taste. Reading forums or blogs where people have expressed their views or experiences at some restaurants or checking reviews of restaurants can help you in identifying the best restaurants.

When it comes to having the best pizza in the new city, you should expect great from authentic Italian restaurants. Also, it helps if you know briefly about the types of pizza served in the city as you would know the basic taste and ingredients of that pizza before you select it for your dinner or lunch.

Through this blog, we would give you brief descriptions about the types of pizzas served at restaurants in Rancho Mirage.

1. Greek Pizza:

In this style of pizza, the dough of the crust is proofed, brushed with oil, and then cooked in a pan. The crust stays slightly oily after being cooked.

2. Northern Style Pizza:

The name is derived from where it comes. The breadlike-crusted pizza comes from northern Italy and has an abundance of thick-sliced veggies and other toppings.

3. St. Louis Pizza

Like the previous one, its name is derived from the place where it comes from. It hails from St Louis, Missouri and has crust that resembles cracker. The crust is not made with yeast.

4. Sicilian Pizza

The crust of this type of pizza resembles focaccia bread and is very thick, cut into squares. They don’t usually have cheese but fresh herbs. When this kind of pizza has cheese over it, it is sharply flavored cheese.

5. Detroit Pizza

This type of pizza served at Restaurants in Rancho Mirage serves pizzas that don’t have mozzarella cheese. They have mild Wisconsin brick cheese over their pizza that is like creamier cheddar.

6. Californian Pizza

You would generally find it named as gourmet pizza in menus. It was formerly targeted to an upscale market and usually has healthy choices of toppings such as avocados, chicken, artichokes, lobster, eggs, etc.


These are 6 types of popular pizzas. Other popular types include Neapolitan, Chicago Pizza or New York Style Pizza. You can read about them in the next blogs.

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