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The history of fish and chips dates back to the 1860s and it is rumored that John Lees, an English entrepreneur, started selling them for the first time in Lancashire. During the Second World War, soldiers used to have it, but how exactly it came into the streets is a mystery.

It is well known amongst fish lovers, and an impeccable variety of this mouthwatering dish is now available all over the globe. Its fusion with different cultures across the continents proves it to be a perfect appetizer. A sizzling couple of Chips and Fries always excel on the grounds of your rocking taste buds, and it is available at most of the best restaurants in La Quinta.

The recipe for making fish and chips is the same but spices can be changed to maintain a distinction in its flavor.

  1.  A thick batter of flour and baking powder with spices is prepared by adding water to it. Potatoes are peeled off and then sliced equally with great steadiness for crunchy chips.
  2.  Fish is also incised into uniform pieces so that it looks stunning when served. Both fish and potato slices are dipped in the batter that is made by mixing the right amount of water into corn, plain flour, salt and cod (ingredients for batter may vary).
  3.  An ample amount of heat to the oil is given as preheated oil creates a perfect crunch.
  4. Then chip and fish slices are drudged into the batter, following which they are fried. It is done for a fixed duration to make sure the best flavor is served to food-passionate people at La Quinta restaurants.
  5. The dish can be served hot with malt vinegar or lemon.

Where can you get it?

It is made with expert hands and by adding special spices. The best restaurants in La Quinta are a perfect destination for food-fanatics

A meal of fish and chips with a soft drink is the perfect blend for dinner or lunch. The best of this cuisine is available at La Quinta restaurants with exciting offers.
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