Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility How to Order A Healthy Pizza in Rancho Mirage?

Yes, you heard right. You can eat healthily and eat a pizza at the same time; conditions apply.

You may have always heard that Italian food is rich in carbs and is laden with cheese. And we can’t deny that there are many dishes that prove the statement true. But there are many options for carb-conscious and healthy-loving people as well. If someone doesn’t find those on the menu, he can leverage some useful tips from experts to have a healthy and guilt-free pizza night.

When it comes to having a healthy pizza in Rancho Mirage, here’re some of the tips that you can use while ordering.

1. Portion control is the key.

You can eat the recommended portion to control to avoid eating much. It is always helpful when you are avoiding too many carbs. Also, if you can’t agree with the recommended portion or you can’t find it easily on the menu, you can take a size smaller than you usually take.

2. Even if it is from Stuft, try that it is not stuffed.

At stuft, we cater to a diverse range of needs. So, you decide how much cheese you want on your pizza. As you may all know, avoid using “extra”, “triple”, “double” and “burst” words before or after cheese to cut out your fat and sodium intake.

3. Choose veggies over meats for your toppings

Vegetable pizzas are healthier than those with meat toppings. You can choose your favorite veggies and get them on your Pizza in Rancho Mirage. If you don’t like veggies, you can go for lean ham or chicken instead of meat.

4. Prefer regular pies over cheese-filled or deep-dish crusts.

Pan pizzas or deep dishes have richer content of calories and fats than regular pies. So, always prefer those. Also, if thin crust variants are available, opt for them. The crust brings you calories and when you choose the thinner one, the pizza is getting more guilt-free.

5. Let salads be your starters

Having salads before the yummy pizza treat can significantly reduce your calorie intake by 20%. Don’t forget to add some vinegar to enhance the taste and the weight loss.


You can use the tips mentioned above while ordering your Pizza in Rancho Mirage. They would surely help you have your guilt-free pizza treat. Rest, you can ask our chefs at Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill to help you with some healthy choices.

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