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There is no other delicacy as luscious as well-crafted pizza. Every foodie will agree with this universal fact. However, there is one thing every pizza lover knows in his heart: a pizza is incomplete without “one” thing. No, we aren’t talking about water here, but a “beverage” that can complement your pizza experience effortlessly. Selecting the right beverage can not only enhance your taste but also your overall mood. Pizza and drinks are an ideal stress buster, second to none.

Here are some of the top pizza & drink recommendations from experts at renowned La Quinta restaurants to add to your pizza bliss like never before.

Pizza & Beer:  What more would an adult want after a tiring work week than pizza, a glass of beer, and close friends to dine with? No one can deny the fact that pizza tastes much better with beer. You might be wondering: Is there any logical explanation for this? When you grab a slice of pizza, your palette gets overwhelmed with salt, cheese, and whatnot. Contrary to this, beer’s somewhat pungent nature makes it the right balancing partner for that pizza slice.

These contrasting flavors create a memorable taste that you will crave every time you visit the top-notch La Quita restaurants. Furthermore, as a carbonated drink, beer is famous for its digestive capabilities, so when you savor that extra cheese bite with a sip of beer, you can be assured that you are satisfying your taste buds without disturbing your gut health too much.

Pizza & Wine: Choosing wine as your pizza pairing will be seen as an easy road to getting labeled as an “Elisit”. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that wine is one of the most timeless and classic drink options out there. A simple glass of wine can do better for your pizza parties than any other complimentary dish. Plus, wine has garnered an unrivaled reputation for bringing an air of romance. If you are planning a romantic date night at one of the best restaurants in La Quinta, pizza & wine are all you need to get the vibes of an authentic romantic Italian dinner.

Imagine the sour taste of tomato sauce on your pizza and the sweetness of white wine balancing out each other. Can there be a better marriage of flavors than this?

What’s more, the fermented, airy dough and the effervescent, sparking wine accentuate each other so nicely that you will be transported to a paradise of ultimate culinary bliss.

Pizza & cocktails: While beer and wine are still the most popular beverage choices for all the pizza fanatics, if you are one of those adventurous foodies who never fear to try out new food and drink combos, pizza, along with a well-crafted mixed drink, will be the best bet for you. The most loved thing about a cocktail is its versatility.

You will find just the ideal cocktail for every type of pizza at popular La Quinta restaurants, may it be the simple Margherita pizza or a meaty BBQ chicken pizza. Cocktails are distinguished by their characteristic bold whisky flavors, which is why they make a tasty duo with fatty and sumptuous pizzas.

Make sure you choose a cocktail according to the toppings of your pizza. The perfect choice will help in bringing out the true flavor essence of a pizza in a breathtaking manner.

Pizza and iced tea: Even the thought of enjoying a sizzling hot pizza served right from the oven along with a thirst-quenching chill iced tea at Best Restaurants in La Quinta is enough to give you refreshing vibes.

Iced tea comes in a variety of flavors, including kid-friendly options.

In addition to these, there are non-alcoholic beverages that can also be fantastic pizza companions.

  • Soda
  • Fruit Juices
  • Lemonade

All these beverages act as marvelous palette cleansers.

Give a big hi-five to any of these drinks, and we promise you won’t have the least reason to regret them.

Whether you need a chilling beer, exotic wine, divine cocktail, zesty soda, fruit green tea, fruit juices, tea, or any other drink for your pizza delights, we have it all.

At Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill, one of the best restaurants in La Quinta, we make sure you find the best “better half” for your pizza meal without much hassle.

Our team will be more than happy to provide you with more personalized drink recommendations as per your pizza selection. What are you waiting for? Get the pizza fun rolling tonight. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along as we serve huge, satisfying portions.

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