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Reviews of Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill

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“I swear that everything on the menu is good! Stuft Pizza has always been one of my favorites. Even the original Stuft in La Quinta is wonderful! Highly recommended and look forward to my next visit! “

Jason A, Yelp

Addicted to the Southwest Chicken Salad on a weekly basis!”

Aubrey Ann, Facebook

Hello my fellow Stuft Pizza friends! I am a Special Ed Speech Assistant in the Desert and I wanted to share what an amazing experience I have had with one of my awesome clients who has Autism. We have been having dinner 1 time a month at Stuft Pizza in La Quinta for several months. The staff and managers have welcomed us with such respect and with loving acceptance. My student has communicated with the staff and has shown such an amazing way to communicate with his server. I wanted to share how Stuft Pizza has shown such compassion and patience with our special children and with their parents! Thank you Stuft Pizza for showing us that you absolutely care and accept our special needs children and making us all feel welcomed!

Patty A., Facebook

“Was in town for the weekend, and went to Old Town La Quinta to check things out there. Had a couple of other places in mind, and asked a shopkeeper where we should go. She recommended Stuft Pizza over both. We split a “Greek Salad” and a small “Classic” pizza. Boy were they great!! The Greek Salad was made up of a lot of great veggies, cheeses, olives and such but on the bed of “Piadina” an italian flatbread! It was amazing. Then came the pizza! It was covered in great toppings including whole marinated mushroom, etc. on again- the Piadina. Amazing lunch, with leftovers for later.”

Richard K., Yelp

“Great happy hour deals! The food was great and they have generous pours for their drinks. Artichoke was amazing, Ahi was delicious and the fish tacos were awesome!”

Elly M., Yelp

“Oh my pizza, these pies are delicious. This is the second time picking up togo pizza from Stuft and so far so great. The next time we’re eating inside…. this place is hopping. The staff is courteous and helpful.”

Couple O’Critics A., Yelp

“The Mediterranean pizza, split 3 ways, makes for a perfect late lunch! Order a cold beer and chow down. The deliciousness that was The Mediterranean was topped with artichoke hearts, kalamata olive slices, chicken slices, with a pesto-type of sauce and tasty melty cheese. My mother, sister, and I were set up on their patio, perfectly shaded from direct sunlight but still able to enjoy the heat. Bottom line is that the pizza is fantastic, and Stuft offers a thin crust option which makes us happy.”

Emilie C., Yelp

“Delicious! My husband actually told the waiter the poke stack was “the bomb” (Lol) and it was pretty amazing along with the pizza. Great atmosphere! We will definitely be back.”

Joanne C., Yelp

“Good food, beautiful location and excellent service. What more do you want? Not to mention, reasonably priced. Its all good. You cannot go wrong.”

Ricky R., Yelp

“Ribeye steak with Jalapeño corn is the bomb! You wouldn’t need a steak sauce at all! Very tasty! And the price is so right!”

Carla R., Yelp